How It Works

EFT Protector

Get started with the ultimate Crimeware protection available. EFT Protector blocks the way Crimeware collects browser-entered data to defeat both key-logging and Man-In-The-Browser attacks. Use the button below to download and install EFT Protector on your system today. After installation the yellow form field highlighting tells you that you are protected!

Take your online protection to the next level with advanced privacy protection from EFT Protector. EFT Protector complements existing anti-virus solutions by protecting the web pages you browse and enter your personal information to.

EFT Protector is easily installed, virtually transparent to users, and is resilient against Crimeware counterattacks.

​EFT Protector prevents Crimeware from exploiting PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. This approach differs from anti-virus solutions that use signatures and behavior analysis to detect and remove Crimeware. Signatures can quickly become outdated and useless against newly-generated versions of crimeware. Crimeware allows criminals to update their software remotely and easily; thereby eliminating the possibility for signature-based methodologies to detect the new variants of Crimeware. In addition, the latest Crimeware is designed to behave like normal and expected traffic, so it’s virtually impossible to detect behavioral anomalies.

Our approach is different. Instead of trying to detect Crimeware, we stop it from operating the way in which it was designed so the criminals never get your information. Even if your system is already infected, the bad guys will never get your data.them.

Criminals use the Internet today to perpetrate fraud and steal money using malicious software that steals user-entered data from infected desktops computers, laptops, and mobile devices. The criminals claim to have over 120 million PCs infected in the U.S. alone. Once Crimeware is on a system it automatically harvests user logins, passwords, and other user-entered information like your address and social security number. Using this information, criminals can then log in to your bank account as you, and transfer money to criminal-owned accounts. They also use sensitive information for identity theft, which can cause huge problems for individuals.

​ ​How does my PC Get Infected? Crimeware normally infects PCs when browsing a compromised website or via infected email attachments or infected thumb drives. However, criminals are now buying advertising space on legitimate websites, and you can get infected simply by clicking on a banner ad. We have the solution…

​ ​Once installed, EFT Protector prevents Crimeware from stealing any user-entered information.